Valletta- Global Action Day for Venezuela, Sunday 19 th, April 2014


We  expresses our full support for the PSUV government of Nicolás Maduro and the CBST trade union confederation in the struggle against the extreme right wing attempting a new coup d’état in Venezuela and  The spectre of coup d’état is a clear and present threat to much of progressive Latin America.

This revolution is under threat from the former ruling elite in Venezuela and externally, from their paymasters in the US who are proposing sanctions. Part of Hugo Chavez’s legacy is that Venezuela now has progressive economic and social policies and respects trade union rights, with the Labour Law a vital part of this.

The law was based on 6 months of consultation with working people and their organisations by the Venezuelan President and government. Over 20,000 different proposals were submitted. There are many positive aspects to the new law – but we would like to highlight a few key points that have particular relevance to Malta;

•           Enshrining the right to form trade unions, trade union freedom, the right to strike and take secondary and solidarity action,

•           Recognition of the right to collective bargaining, and an obligation on employers to negotiate with trade unions,

•           An end to outsourcing and the use of agency labour to undermine terms and conditions,

•           The right to social security – including pensions – for all workers for the first time,

•           A shorter working week,

•           Extended maternity and paternity leave,

•           The prohibiting of all discrimination; and a positive obligation to promote and support employment for disabled workers.

•           Finally, the right to training and education for all workers. This year increases in pensions, the minimum wage and public sector wages, further improving the lives of millions.

Of course to tackle neoliberal policies, such change has enemies, and powerful enemies at that. The former ruling elite of Venezuela who left so many Venezuelans living in terrible poverty want the former status quo returned.They have international friends in this aim – including the United States.

Venezuela does however, have many friends, especially ourselves , and we can be confident that in the future our solidarity can help our Venezuelan comrades build further on our advances in workers’ rights and social inclusion.

So what kind of solidarity can we offer?

•           Joining VSC as an individual and affiliating your branch

•           Hosting Venezuelan speakers when they are here and build links and solidarity

•           Passing motions and circulating materials.

Viva Venezuela and the new Latin America! 

Venezuela is not a Threat it is HOPE


global action day Malta venezuela  19 abril 2015 poster


With the Participation of The Maltese Communist Party

The second Anthem of Venezuela, «Alma Llanera » interpretated By Raquel ( Cuatro), Cesar ( Charango)  and Ernesto  ( Flute)

«Yo no se Filosofar» By Ali Primera

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