Our Response to Mr Wallerstein’s article: «The latin american left moves rightward»


To the article : http://iwallerstein.com/the-latin-american-left-moves-rightward/

It is not a surprise that Mr  Wallerstein, the one as many other “socialimperialist” intellectuals (liberals academics masquerading as socialists) who Talks about “civil war” or “rebels” on Libya and Syria (and downplayed in its passed articles the possibility of Western imperialist intervention ) wrote this mediocre article accusing latinoamerican Left Government of being Corrupted , harsh with the «opposition» and going “right ward”.

It is curious that he repeats the same false accusations of the Latinoamerican oligarchy!

Maybe this “reknown” sociologist that has put The Class struggle in the garbage , IGNORES that “corruption” is a tool used by USA/COMPRADORA bourgeois class to destabilize Socialist Government?

It is a phenomenon that South American countries have inherited from previous governments under the control of the USA Empire, especially inlaid as a system in the civil service  and  in the army ( high officials formed in the «School of LAS AMERICAS» where they used to torture leftists) and  the Compradora bourgeois class.

To Attribute this phenomenon to the current governments is a total irresponsibility bordering deliberate Calumny.

Why the constant aggression of the oligarchy and USA against the socialist revolution of Ecuador, Venezuela or Bolivia?

Maybe he ignores that recently OBAMA government considered VENEZUELAN BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION a Threat for the Security of USA?


Or ignores Medias garbage campaign against our comrade Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela   ?

It is surprising and disappointing how its analysis LACK of any class struggle perspective.

Maybe Mister Wallerstein Ignores what is the PARTICIPACION PROTAGONICA in Venezuela? The existence for the first time after the invasion of European capitalists in OUR AMERICA of   the Presidential Council of Indigenous Peoples IN VENEZUELA?

Or ignores that Maduro Hands Over Land Titles to Indigenous Communities, and Creates the Institute to Protect Native Languages? That for the first time Maduro is Honoring Indigenous Resistance Day in Venezuela? That Bolivarian revolution Present a Report on Indigenous Rights at UN?

Who would have thought that 522 years later, the 44 indigenous peoples who resisted the colonizers, were sitting at the Center of the political power, at the VENEZUELAN Presidential Palace?

Maybe he also ignores that the Remains of Afro-Venezuelan Independence Hero Pedro Camejo, better known as Negro Primero, was Transferred to National Heroes Mausoleum?


We can list the same emancipation process of Indigenous people in Bolivia or Ecuador.

Above all, he’s working for the division of the Left instead of supporting the socialist transition process in Our America ( arguing on the «indigenous» and the «ecological» aspects.)

Why do not mention that President Maduro also defended the reactivation of family farming in small area (the traditional «conuco»), following the recommendations of Via Campesina and the FAO (UN) that emphasize the importance of this mode of production for food sovereignty, sustainable rural development, healthy food produced from agro-ecology ?

Cubans for over twenty years, have converted the agriculture into organic farming. It now has 400,000 urban farms that produce 1.5 million tons of vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. A side effect of the US embargo and isolation of Cuba following the collapse of the Soviet big brother. But a success story anyway: this spontaneous and improvised conversion creates jobs, protects the environment and improves the food security of the island !


Advances in health and education rights have been recognized by international institutions AS AN EXAMPLE .

It is Not necessary to mention Cuba known worldwide because in spite of the criminal embargo by USA empire, it has to his credit benefits on Health ( meningitis vaccines, HIV, lungs Cancer treatment and medical centers are visited by patients from all over the world,  ….) and excellent education system.


No less important are the developments in institutional matters.

Elections are participatory, proportional and democratic, far from the neo-liberal system in most of Europe . The emblematic case of Chile The current president, was elected with just REAL 22% of the votes (less than half) and Maduro in Venezuela with more than 60%, almost 80% of voters in the electorate.

(By the way in Italy for three presidencies, people had no choices and couldn’t vote for the presidency)

Finally, the democratization of life of the majority, the respect for ethnic minorities, the recovery of ancestral languages, the universal vision of governance, protection of  the environment, which had its manifest action with Ecuador and Chevron expulsion after it had destroyed thousands of clean land and forests, and the demand toward international courts for financial compensation demonstrates the blind mind of Mr Wallerstein, that OUR America is walking with its own forces, disconnecting   from the mortal and demonic bonds of US imperialism.


Is it a fully realized socialism? Is this paradise? No, it is, however, a transition process outside the norms of capitalism. Such as socialist state enterprises, cooperatives, solidarity enterprises, the Bank of ALBA, TELESUR, CELAC, PETROCARIBE, HEALTH AND EDUCATION programs, thousand of housing development , eradication of extreme poverty, improvement of social conditions for workers and peasants, The set of Presidential councils of women, youth, farmers and fishermen, AND NATIVES PEOPLE !


There are never been TWO lefts. The Bolivarian socialism transforms the social relations of production and social division of labor due to capitalism.

The one who has turned right and REPRESENTANT OF THE   IMPERIAL Left its HIM ( eating on the dish of the bourgeoisie).







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