Racial Discrimination or Class exploitation ? By Alba Malta North Africa

The killing of the policemen of Dallas and the early departure of US President from the NATO summit being held in Warsaw drew large-scale attention on the crisis of the bourgeois political system and the US social crisis . The decision announced by  NATO summit in Warsaw that the international community  (European , Americans and Zionists  groups) will continue to devastate Afghanistan, implies that they will continue the wars  underway in Africa, Asia and America Latin to destroy  or destabilize states that do not open their country  to the raids of the imperialist groups and that will continue to fuel the civil wars in countries where the imperialist groups have conflicting interests.

Goldman Sachs assumes José Manuel Barroso in his service!

Given the global role of the US Federal State, the crisis of the US /UE bourgeois political system will influence the course of events around the world. It confirms that the imperialist bourgeoisie is a giant with feet of clay, a beast now powerless to direct humanity, though still capable of doing great damage.

The capitalist crisis in  US society has the appearance of persecution and racial discrimination, oppression of African Americans and their resistance. These are a real and permanent aspect of US history since their foundation. But Barak and Michelle Obama are the proof that today is not the race that makes African Americans the target of reactionary mobilization in the US. If a black is rich or educated enough, careerist and enterprising, the black does not make him a target of persecution and racial discrimination.

The ferocity of the police repression is not for a  particular race, ethnicity or immigrant minority, but  target the proletarian class and the lumpenproletariat sacrificed, to provide examples  to terrorize them . The underlying message to the thousands of police killings is: «People of misery, proletarian, poorer, do not resist your conditions of exploitation and alienation, otherwise we will kill , as you can  see «.

We must expose the persecution and racial discrimination . But we must denounce even more oppression and CLASS EXPLOITATION that are the context in which the persecution and racial discrimination are heightened. If you do not contribute to this, the denunciation of persecution and racial discrimination remain a string of helpless cries and pleas like thousand of «anti racist «organizations .
Ultimately it depends on the development of the communist movement in the United States: this development can contribute and help the communists all over the world, mainly working on the rebirth of the communist movement in their country. The first imperialist country that will break the chains of the European , Americans and Zionists groups will make school even to the American masses, as they once did the Soviet Union led first by Lenin and then by Stalin.

Today the role of Marxists is crucial :   like  Lenin did when he started in St Petersbourg by creating  The » Union for the struggle of  the workers liberation » and realized the fusion between Marxism and the worker movement . Before the worker movement  was infected by populists  and economists.  But its time to move forward  NOW by adopting the coherent strategies!.

Sinia Benigassan for Alba Malta North Africa



SAMIR AMIN – L’Implosion de L’UE




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