The Watad (national democratic unified party Tunisia )and the Lebanese Communist PArty  called for the 8th “Arab Left Forum” (A.L.F) in Tunis, 24/25/26 of March 2017.

Twenty eight communists parties and organizations, from more than eleven Arab countries, attended the meeting.
Alba Malta North Africa which aims is international solidarity between peoples against the dictatorship of capital and imperialism participated in that forum.

The “Arab Left Forum” discussed the three points were in its agenda. The first point related to the political development, in the last months, in the Arab world and on the international level.

The new middle east project , the new projects of settlement of Palestinian cause and terrorism and religious Wars.

The communist Moroccan party made excellent proposals by demanding right now an alliance between the left south american parties and the arab left , as well as creating a sovereign communicative medias to end the dependence with the hegemonic communicative structures.

The participants agreed to issue a political declaration on the Palestinian issue and the Arab issue under the title «The Tunis Declaration to Support the Palestinian Cause»,
Tunis Declaration to support the Palestinian cause:
The left arab wing  parties meet in Tunis on the occasion of its eighth conference under the theme «Palestine  one hundred years of resistance.»

After discussing the issues of the political situation in the Arab world and its repercussions on the Arab national liberation movement in general and on the future of the Palestinian cause, and progress in the world we  announce the following confirmed:
*1. The Palestinian cause has been and will remain the central cause of the Arab national liberation movement, which requires to  its factions to stand for  the Palestinian people and their national democratic forces in resisting occupation and settlement and to address settlement projects that aim at the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people by all legitimate means, including the armed struggle.
* 2 – The Zionist project is the spearhead of imperialist projects aimed at dismantling the Arab world and tearing apart the unity of its societies by feeding sectarian, sectarian and ethnic conflicts through the formation and support of shadowy terrorist organizations.
* 3 – The response to this project is through the mobilization of popular forces on the basis of national and social struggle programs that prevent the official Arab systems from engaging in it and address the option of settlement.
* 4 – Support the revolutionary forces in the Arab world and counter counterrevolutionary projects and complete the Arab revolutions towards the realization of national slogans and class, social and democratic.
* 5 – The struggle of the Arab national liberation movement is the struggle of all the peoples of the world against the policies of global imperialism, foremost American imperialism   and its determination to develop its relationship with the forces of freedom and progress in the world against the policies of class exploitation and national oppression ,colonialism,racism and wars of reactionary aggression.
6- The Arab leftist meeting salutes the memory of the martyrs of the Arab national liberation movement leaders and activists who offered the most precious to them in order to liberate their countries and offer their peoples once again their pledge to move forward towards achieving the goals the Palestinian and Arab prisoners  in the jails of the Zionist occupation praising the battle Which are led by Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and his fellow leaders of the internment at home, declaring our  solidarity and  unconditional support to them fromall the forces of freedom and progress in the world demanding their Liberation.
They also agreed to issue a militant program of basic headlines:
* To consider Palestinian Prisoners Day as an Arab day to move in all areas of struggle for the release of prisoners.
* Publication of the report prepared by the ESCWA on the violations of the Zionist entity of human rights in occupied Palestine.
* Develop and spread the movement of  boycott of the Zionist entity politically, economically, culturally, sports, academically and at all levels and demand progressive bodies and parties in the world to support this trend of struggle.
* Formation of a committee of jurists at the core of the Arab left-wing meeting with the aim of supporting the Palestinian cause in the legal and political fields of international and international human rights organizations and organizations.
* Consider May 15 (Nakba Day) as a comprehensive Arab day to support the Palestinian cause.
* Coordination with the leftist networks continental and global, specifically with  the left network of Africa ans south america.
Contributing to the virtues of the glorious October Revolution that denounced  the Sykes-Picot Agreement and gave a new impetus to the Arab and international liberation movement.
* Inclusion of the Palestinian issue within the program of celebrations and mobilize the support of the participating parties on the basis of international solidarity against imperialism and Zionism.
* Demand the Palestinian Authority to stop security and political coordination with the Zionist entity and support the struggle of Palestinians in all occupied territories, including the territories of 1948 who are subjected to the draft deportation on an ongoing basis.
The Arab leftist meeting calls on the Palestinian progressive forces to unite the ranks of the national liberation and leftist Palestinian forces as a victory for their legitimate basic rights to return to all the lands they have been displaced from, to liberate their land and build their national state with Jerusalem as their capital.
It also calls for the institutionalization and development of the left-wing Arab meeting to ensure the unification of all Arab revolutionary leftist forces on the basis of the struggle against imperialism and Zionism and their Arab reactionary regimes and agent in order to achieve national liberation, Arab unity and democracy and social justice.

Our Coordination find it essential  to unite and face in one voice, whenever an aggression occurs against a sovereign nation, whether in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen or Venezuela.All parties must make a bloc and stand with one voice without finding any coward pretext because pretexts serve imperialism and weaken the resistance of peoples.It is urgent to find a more direct mean of communication to promote this union as a counterweight to war propaganda. We would like to remind , finally, that it is essential for us to support Syria and its legitimate government if we want to reinforce and accelerate the future liberation of Palestine because Syria is today the center of the world.

Alba Malta North Africa