We are going out today, January 23, to defend Bolivarian Venezuela against imperialism and fascism in Our America for the freedom of the working class

24th of January 2019, 11:32 am |

Posted by Bolivar Infos

Communication of the European Network of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

Yesterday, all the masks fell and the US Empire, by the mouth of its vice president Mike Pence, openly incites to make a coup in Venezuela. They want to give legitimacy to Juan Guaidó, who was not elected by the people, as acting president. All this accompanied, again, by scenes of violence organized by fascist groups backed by the United States, calls to the military to break the constitutional thread and calls of the Lima Group’s lackeys on tour in countries to talk about Venezuela while what they seek is to hide their own realities. And all this inflated by the media apparatus of the big corporations.

We can not look elsewhere and the Guarimbas of 2014 and 2017 come back to us: Guarimbas in which the most affected was the Venezuelan people (dead, wounded, roadblocks, fire of public facilities, universities, daycare, transportation, cultural venues, blocking the supply of food, medicines, cash in banks, blocking public services, etc …) And seeing, again, how they seek to bring Venezuela to another situation of tension and confrontation regardless of people, democracy or freedom because, in fact, the interests at stake are different … we can not keep quiet.

That is why we, the European Network of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, want to denounce again the maneuvers of the United States and their calls to make a coup in Venezuela, the insistence of the European Union to speak » free elections «while the Venezuelan people expressed, on May 20 last, its will in the ballot box by electing Nicolás Maduro legitimate and constitutional president. We, the more than 80 organizations that make up the Network, demand that any «contact group» that could be created in the European Union is only intended to accompany the Venezuelan people in a process of dialogue and peace by respecting the actions and the measures they have the right to decide in their legal framework. That is why we reject the imperialist interference, we demand respect for the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and we we demonstrate today, January 23, to defend Venezuela Bolivarian.

source: http://bolivarinfos.over-blog.com/2019/01/nous-sortons-aujourd-hui-23-janvier-pour-defendre-le-venezuela-bolivarien.html

We as Alba Malta north Africa Coordination expresses our solidarity with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela and all the revolutionary forces of Bolivar’s homeland. We strongly demand that Malta not be added to this latest aggression by US imperialism against the freedom of the working class of Our continent.


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