While Pope Francis remains silent in front of the coup in Bolivia and the ferocity of the repression led by the christian fascist dictatorship we reproduce an article that resume the current situation in Bolivia.

Posted by Internationalist 360° on November 21, 2019

Unconstitutional President Añez, Bolivia

Written by Ollantay Itzamná

Faced with the violent interruption of the constitutional government of Bolivia, and the fact that in a week of de facto government it has already massacred more than 30 indigenous people in resistance, wounded hundreds and detained unknown numbers, there are still those who deny that a coup d’état has taken place in Bolivia. In all languages, coup d’état means: “violent interruption of a constitutionally constituted government”. This means removing a constitutionally constituted democratic government, whether through threats, physical violence or murder. In Bolivia, internal actors (civic-Christian-military), financed by external actors (U.S. government), through threats including threats to the President of the State ($40,000 rewarded for those who turn Evo Morales over to them), kidnapping/torture of public officials, the murder and torture of journalists related to indigenous organizations, the destruction of public property… compelled Evo Morales to choose between his life and his resignation. Morales resigned to preserve the “Bolivian social tranquility” he had built over almost 14 years of government. After the violent rupture of the constitutional government, a lethal civic-Christian-military dictatorship was established in Bolivia, which in a matter of hours returned Bolivia to the darkest times of “racial and religious revenge”. The self-proclaimed President Añez, backed by the Bible, Christ and Donald Trump, unleashed one of the most bloodthirsty racial fundamentalist religious rages against everything that “appears and breathes” indigenous in resistance. Not only do they slaughter indigenous collectives, but by decree they released from criminal responsibility any soldier who kills indigenous people. Apparently, the motto is: “Kill more Indians to be more patriotic and Christian”.

This dictatorship, legitimized in the Bible and in the white Christ, by decree transferred 5 million dollars of extra budget for the military to buy armaments to shoot the “internal enemies of the State”, the indigenous people. In this way, they not only seek to teach the insubordinate “Indians” in resistance, but also to restore the Creole Republic symbolically surpassed by the Plurinational State project in the last decade. Any foreign journalist or communicator who dares to broadcast live the actions of indigenous resistance and the massacres is expelled from the country. All the Plurinational State media were closed. It is persecuting and murdering community broadcasters, even in the act of live broadcasting. The self-proclaimed Christian dictatorship, now, prepares “media operations ground” to close the Legislative organ (controlled by the political party of the overthrown government), and thus annul via decree, the results of the recent general elections (where Morales won over 10% in relation to his immediate opponent). To also place, via decree, their new members of the Electoral Body. And, above all, to call for new general elections, via decree, eliminating by law the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). “The insubordinate Indian must never govern again”, is the slogan. The objective is to politically annihilate the indigenous socio-political subject, and thus avoid any possibility of regaining political power and strengthening the Plurinational State. Behind this goal is the delivery of the reserves of lithium, gas and fresh water to the transnational corporations, as well as the dozens of public companies created in the last 14 years of the Morales government.

Indigenous people and historically excluded social sectors know from experience that the nationalization of gas and oil reserves were the vehicles that turned Bolivia into the “successful country and socioeconomic model” in the midst of the global crisis. They know that the reprivatization of these assets will turn them back into a beggar country. Indigenous people and peasants know that one of the last vehicles that will completely lift Bolivia out of impoverishment is the use/industrialization of lithium reserves (Bolivia’s main world reserve). That is why they are willing to avoid, even with the sacrifice of their bodies, any attempt to privatize lithium and water reserves. But it is also evident that the main agents of the world-capitalist system are desperate to appropriate and control, even by force, the world’s reserves of lithium, water, hydrocarbons, etc. And to this end, they will even destroy nation states or plurinational states which are based on these reserves. The premeditated killings (Cochabamba, La Paz) of indigenous people mobilized in resistance against the coup d’état and in defense of the Plurinational State, are evidence that a genocide is in the making in Bolivia. Guatemala suffered it at the end of the last century. Today, we still mourn. As humankind, we still have time to avoid tomorrow’s Bolivian lament.

Translation by Internationalist 360º