Harpal Brar, Punjab, India , editor of LALKAR founding chair of Britain’s communist Party ( CPGB-ML) from 2004 until 2018. He continues to write and to contributs to the partys work. In this book he opposed many leftist authors like Domenico Losurdo or Jose Antonio egido and demonstrates that what they call «socialism with chinese characteristics» is simply an euphemism for the marketisation of china’s economy. He also shows that any conclusion would be DISHONEST AND HARMFUL to the working class movement : «Honesty in politics is the result of stregth, hipocrisy the result of weakness» ( lenin)

Marxist science states clearly that commodity production and circulation , the existence of the market, is incompatible with communism and therefore is to the function of socialism to abolish the market. Revisionists, on the other hand following bourgeois economy , believe in market socialism, asserting that remaining commodity- money relations under socialism are not merely a heritage of capitalism, but an inherent need of the socialist economy, which requires the continuation and even the expansion of the market .

After 40 years of «REFORMS» a fully functionning market has now been created in China , which has become integrated with and an appendage to, the world market. the law of value once again regulates production and profit is the supreme criterion of efficiency. Also he point out that , although the chinese economy has made considerable progress, and the communist has made a success of operating market economy , this has came to a great cost. While applauding the rise of China, he also states that if China had adhered to a centralised planning the nation would have achieved a greater and more balanced level of economic development , independent of vagaries , caprices of imperilaim and free from the ravages of the market.

a question : When China will be trully communist ?