Dis-leur ! Bulletin d information 2021 de alba granada north africa coordination

Socialist-communists who are not demanding the immediate end of ALL ‘covid regulations’ depriving billions of workers of our means of subsistence & struggle as their most important priority are at best petty-booj tailenders, otherwise fascist agents.. ( exception of KPRF – Parti communiste Russe, le Parti communiste du Benin et de Phillipines) -If they weren’t led by cretinous pundit opportunists they’d simply admit the error, rectify it & join the movement against ‘public health’ fascism, instead they engage in absurd demagogy.

There’s really no point in the dumb slogan «stop complying», many are forced to comply in order to live, they cannot disobey whilst they remain isolated, unorganised & thus powerless individuals. In order to disobey we must struggle & fight collectively, in an organised fashion.

«We fight all attacks on freedom, but only when the attackers say its safe to go outside!»

It should be communists at the forefront of exposing ruling class pseudoscience but unfortunately this crucial task has been left to the downwardly mobile liberals and hence the prevalent critiques are bound up with all the political tropes you’d expect of that cohort.

Guillaume Suing , Marinella Correggia , Rene Sansa, Dr Romeo Quijano, Michel Chossudovsky, Vanessa Beeley, Adel Samara, Ariel Petrucelli, Fulvio grimaldi tous ont participe a l’edition de ce bulletin 2021. Merci !

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