MESSAGE – Workers struggle day – May, 1- 2021 (ESP/AR/FR/ENG)

On this 1st of May 2021, facing the greatest capitalist crisis of the century, we must resume the tradition of this international workers’ day as Day of Struggle remembering the martyrs of Chicago and the heroic, courageous Communards of Paris in May 1871.

Despite the trick of the epidemic and this new secret war against people, the workers are still standing all over the world.

The peoples fight against the ever more aggressive policies of financial -monopolistic capitalism and decadent western imperialism in Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, or Honduras.

We salute the exemplary struggles of the millions of peasants in India, the Afro-American and Abya yala people, the Chilean workers and students, and the great movement of the Yellow Vests in France that today, assigned to forced residence by the oligarchy, continue with its political and economic demands despite the brutal violence unleashed by the parasite regime.

As in Chile and other countries, the left parties, and unions, with few exceptions, are outside the movement and criticize it.

We call more than ever for the end of the economic sanctions that affects a third of humanity, the end of the foreign debt that has reached exponential growth in the South countries and has dramatic consequences on poorer populations, the end of despotic repression under the pretext of “pandemic”, permanent «states of emergency» and the URGENT restoration of full freedom of association.

For the abolition of private property, the abolition of social classes, the socialization of production under the control of workers and the dictatorship of the proletariat. For socialism now or never, For Peace.

Our call on this new commemorative date of the workers day ‘s struggle repeats with emphasis the words of the communist manifesto of MARX and ENGELS, workers of the world Unite!

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