Note: The censorship of Russia Today and Sputnik in the West is a serious attack on freedom of information and a violation of human rights. It is part of the NATO MEMBERS’ WAR PROPAGANDA against Russia and China. This is why we are republishing this masterful conference that we organized at the Tunis press institute in 2016. It is Time to end with the western dictatorship.


On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, at 9: 00 hrs, A The Institute of Press and The Information Sciences (IPSI) Campus Manouba, took place exceptional -Debate conference on the theme of MEDIA, AND DISINFORMATION FINANCIAL OLIGARCHY – organized by our Coordination ALBA MALTA NORTH AFRICA  in partnership with the IPSI and the Tunis Centre for Freedom of the Press.

The speakers were: Gregory Lalieu from  Investig’Action Brussels, Viktor Dedaj Director of Re-information site leGrandSoirMahmoud Dawadi and Mohamed Maali from the Tunis Centre for Freedom of the Press, Lotfi Hajji from Qatari Aljazeera.
The audience was very numerous, with more than 100 people, made up of students, academic staff and  professionals of the Tunisian media.
The debate began with the opening of the Director of the IPSI, Moncef Ayari and Mahmoud Dawadi of CTPL.
The  representative of the Coordination Alba Malta North Africa Introduced the heart of the matter concerning the Oligarchic tutelage of the press, the transnational monopolies of information (Agence France Presse, Reuters and Associated Press) remaining hegemonic, Eurocentric and located on the North, despite the existence of others and alternative Media, as the Investig’Action Belgium, the GrandSoir of France, Russia Today, Press TV, Telesur, AlMayadeen, Latin American network ALAI, Cuban Popular Communicators network and so many others who are the spokesmen of popular power.

She also raised the question of national sovereignty«A nation in which the media are dominated by foreigners can NOT claim to be a nation,» said the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980, M. Seán MacBride to the Commission of Unesco a few decades ago in his Report MULTIPLE VOICES, ONE WORLD, UNESCO 
She inserted this media battle in the global and national class struggle.
She concludes on the urgency and the need for a citizen movement to reclaim from the bottom the right to information expressing the voice of the working classes, the aggressed nations  by Greater capital and put an end the the paramilitarism media at the service of oligarchic interests, for peace, solidarity and socialist democracy.

Then a video interview of 5 minutes was screened, of the resistant and Afro-American researcher Angela Davis dating from 1972 , showing the ancianity of the debate and how the American medias hide the reality of the social condition of African Americans to keep them in submission.–3RH44
Then Mr. Gregoire Lalieu of Investig’Action spoke on the theme of Propaganda War and Medias Lies.

He outlined the five principles of war propaganda to manipulate public opinion for warlike purposes, (overshadow the economic interests, overshadow the story, demonize, reverse the aggressor and victim, dominate the public debate, prevent debate and confrontation).

He concludes with a call on the need for democratization of the media so that readers can access to a plurality of information and form their own opinion.
The journalist Viktor Dedaj of Director GrandSoir spoke on the theme of the right to information that opposes the «freedom of the press.»
He stated a number of principles that should consider before each information: Media coverage does not guarantee reliability, the risk of mal-information flow from the combined complex with processing speed, possible manipulation results the combination of issues and interests with no reserve media, the complexity and challenge can combine leading in all cases to a lack of information.
Information has become a consumer gesture rather than reflection.
 The control of information is true power.

In the second part addressed the Tunisian case. Mr Dawadi, Lotfi Hajji and Mohamed Maali, spoke about the economic and political issues of Tunisian newspapers after the 2011 riots.
This debate has provoked strong reactions in the public and an altercation occurred between an activist and a representative of Tunisian Aljazeera.

Apart from this passionate reaction the rest of the conference continued in harmony and the audience could exchange ideas and contact with the speakers .
We are very happy that this meeting could take place.
The success of this conference gives us the courage to continue our activities in Tunisia and continue the rapprochement between Latin America, North Africa and the countries of the southern Mediterranean for peace, solidarity and socialist democracy .

  • Introduction  du  debat Par Alba Malta North Africa Coordination
  • Medias et propagande de Guerre – 5 principes- Gregoire Lalieu-Investig’action ( Michel Collon )
  • Viktor Dedaj- LeGrand Soir –«  Liberté de la presse vs droit à l’information»