It has been 8 years since Ukrainian fascism, supported and financed by the US and the EU, staged a coup in Kiev after the Maidan events.

Since then, the fascist Junta of Kiev has done nothing but apply a policy of persecution against the internal opposition and against the national minorities of the country. Clear examples of these policies are the banning of the Communist Party in 2015 or the laws against the use of the Russian language. But if there is one event that clearly showed the world the true nature of the Kiev regime, it was the Odessa massacre in May 2014, when fascist battalions burned alive 46 people in the House of Trade Unions.

In response to these events, the population of the east of the country organized itself politically and militarily to defend itself against the offensive by Kiev and its fascist battalions. As a result of this organization, on May 12, 2014, the popular republics of Donetsk and Lugansk were proclaimed, after the holding of referendums in which more than 90% of the population voted in favor of the self-determination of the regions.

8 years have passed since these events, but since, there has not been a single day in which the Ukrainian army did not shell the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, killing 15,000 civilians since then, despite repeated attempts to reach agreements to pacify the region, the Kiev regime has never shown interest in stopping the war on the population of DonbassAs the Kiev Junta itself has stated, they do not need the population of Donbass, only their territories.

It is in this context that the Ukrainian government started to fantasize about being admitted into NATO, in the hope that this membership would guarantee the support of the other members of the Alliance to recover the Donbass region militarily. Faced with these pretensions, NATO, far from rejecting the idea of ​​admitting a country in a situation of internal war, has dedicated itself to inciting Kiev’s desire for war as a way of instrumentalizing Ukraine in its particular dispute with Russia. Emboldened by this support and by the war material received from NATO countries, the Kiev Junta launched a harsh offensive against Donbass last Thursday, February 17. An offensive that also takes place the day after Russia withdrew its troops from the border, in an attempt to de-escalate the conflict.

Due to this latest offensive, it was already clear that neither the Kiev Junta nor NATO have any interest in reaching peace agreements in the region, and that they were willing to go all out in Donbass. That is why the official recognition of the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk by the Russian Federation, although late, was already an urgent need to guarantee the security of the population of these republics.

For all these reasons, and in view of the events that are taking place, we call on all communists, anti-fascists and internationalists in general, to organize and support the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

Out of Kiev the fascist Junta!
No to NATO wars!

Donbass Support Committee

Source: via Movimiento Politico de Resistencia

Alba Granada north Africa has also a page on Donbass Malta from 2014 in FB that you can join.

Huge demonstration in Belgrade supporting Russia and Kosovo

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