A delegation of 60 women and men, Palestinian leftists, Marxists and patriotic militants and activists visited the Russian embassy in Ramallah in solidarity with the  Russian federation défense against the Counter Revolution.

Attached a letter of support in Arabic and English signed and delivered to the Ambassador.

«We are Palestinian activist, militants and academic including college who graduated from Russian institution, coming here to do our duty with Russian Federation.

Briefly the war against the Russian federation was prepared years ago by the imperialist Triad ( US, All Europe and Japan) and recently :

1- Practiced by Ukraine regime as military war and its nazi and Zionist allies

2- Practiced as economic war by the Triad under the fake name of » sanctions»

3- Practiced by terrorist from all the globe

4- Practiced by western Bourgeois Medias machine

5- Practiced by most of clientele regimes especially arab regimes

6- Practiced by most intellectuals of the Sixth Brigade


In Fact , imperialism was against USSR And People republic of China and continues it wars against Russia and China after their recent change toward capitalism which emphasizes that the western capitalism in its eras of imperialism and globalism is against all the world led by its lust for accumulation

All the best to Russian Federation people

Just peace for all humanity

Friday 11, March 2022

Anuncio publicitario