Exposing Police Lies to Destroy the anti-imperialist Legacy of Stokely Carmichael alias Kwame Ture – 29/06/1941-1998

Kwame Ture : “We fight for pan-Africanism because if a country as small as Cuba can provide vital assistance internally, imagine the potential of an Africa liberated, united and socialist.”

«There are two economic systems, Capitalism (backward system) or Socialism, and when you speak about panafricanism is the total liberation and unification of Africa on scientific socialism whose principles are universal. Panafricanism is a mean and not an ideology. There is no Chinese socialism, Arab socialism, or Russian socialism. There is only One socialism. Scientific socialism. »

In this article the author denounces the innumerable lies that the services of the Pentagon have spread about this socialist, internationalist and anti -zionist leader, Kwame Ture. These lies were spread to distance the masses and the Afro-American youth from socialism, to which the bourgeoisie was terrified. Kwame Turé remains committed to achieving the Pan-African objective of unity and liberation of Africa under scientific socialism, as the only political system capable, once and for all, of transforming the reality of our lives. That is why he has been imprisoned more than 30 times, prohibited in several countries, including his homeland, Trinidad. He died on November 15, 1998, in Conakry, Guinea. We encourage to study the actual legacy of Kwame Ture beyond misinformation.