Welcome to Germany, our Rising Imperialist Enemy-Many Communists and Leftists are Real Boys of NATO

The leftist Rosa Luxembourg German NGO, plays the role of cultural financial invasion, especially in the occupied territories, Lebanon and Jordan. Its’ main office for Arab Mashreq is based in Tel Aviv, the major city in the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity.
They states that : The Europeans left today. After the writer blames and criticizes the various left currents for not having sufficiently understood the danger of Russia in the past, he concludes that “NATO” today has become an “anti-imperialist defensive alliance. What a perverse mind to show NATO as a revolutionary organization!
The German Rosa Luxemburg NGO is one of the international NGOs that encourages normalization between Palestinian NGOs and those of the Zionist entity. I myself wrote criticizing the Palestinian NGOs as normalizers of Zionists. I believe that revealing facts to people is the most beautiful act in an ugly time.