Coward, savage and retrograde 21st century, end of «Israel’s» colonial regime

The problem is colonialism and as a native people, the Palestinian must abolish it. 

To defend this false «Israel», an «Israel» that has no link with the ancient semitic «Israel». An «Israel» that was imposed from Europe and by European Slavs in 1948 on the land of the native Semitic Palestinian people, is to support today in the 21st century a colonial anachronism.   

It is to defend and submit to Zionism which is the most powerful fascism of our historical time. It is to defend the falsification of History, it is to defend the extermination of a native Semitic people that has been in the light of human history for more than 11,000 years.

There will not be an Arab-Persian world in peace and freedom as long as the colonial and expansionist regime of «Israel» exists in the Levant. The end of colonial barbarism, «Israel», is not the end of the problems of the Arab-Persian world, because the end of the problems does not exist. But the end of «Israel’s» colonial expansionist fascism is precisely to avoid the disappearance of the native Semitic Palestinian people in the face of the extermination exercised by this colonialism. And likewise, to prevent the Arab-Persian and Kurdish world and culture from disappearing. To say this feels exaggerated, manichean and absurd. It also sounded absurd and illogical when the project of the establishment of a «Jewish state» in Palestine was discussed and reported. Everyone said it was impossible.

Today, in the context of the bombing of Gaza by the colonial regime of «Israel», we hear great truths, reflections, analyses, condemnations, lamentations and indignation. But we do not hear, especially in the West, anyone demanding the end of «Israel’s» colonial regime. That is a great taboo, disguised with a mantle of intellectual academic priesthood, in addition to political activism and human rights repressed and demagogic.

The end of the existence of «Israel’s» colonial regime is a birth of justice. If we want peace we must prepare for justice. Peace is not the mediocre comfort of Western entelechy.

To you on the left wing, progressives and on the right wing, from the noblest of my being, my cry is for an end to the existence of «Israel’s» colonial regime. Elegant, talented, creative submission is secular obscurantism. We are missing life. The Galilean poet said it, we resist because we love life.

And it is not to say that we are condemned to live together, that is not a condemnation for the native Palestinian people, the problem is colonialism and as a native people, the Palestinian must abolish it. 

It is a poor thinker the Palestinian who for fear of being crucified as an antisemite, today speaks of the false two States and does not speak as a native of the liberation of his people against the yoke and colonial anachronism of «Israel».

For those who speak of evolving, yes, the renaissance, retaking the essence, the raison d’être of the Palestinian Cause. The Revolution is not something comfortable, it is rough, cruel but dignified and liberating.

We have an appointment with history and it is to execrate the colonialism of our time, we have a debt with humanity and save it from Zionist fascism. The persecution is stormy but the honey of justice must see the light. The liberation of Palestine from the Eurocentric colonial yoke of «Israel».

Source: Susana Khalil, via al mayadeen

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