Cruelties of the Queen’s Reign- From India to Argentina

Note : many people in the social network were shocked and do not understand how an anti-imperialist country like Cuba can declare such a long mourning for an enemy country when England itself never mourn death of President Fidel Castro . – The «majesty» and «Highness» of Díaz Canel has been overcome by the decree of 3 days of official mourning in Cuba. Definitively, the little that remains of «anti-imperialist» in the world is mired in a farce. We think that a letter as Venezuela did was enough…..

This is Queen Elizabeth’s legacy,” “A legacy of colonial violence and plunder. A legacy of racial segregation and institutionalized racism.”
there are only 22 countries that Britain never invaded throughout history.”
Queens are not heroes. Queens are colonizers, exploiters, pillagers, and plunderers. That is the true legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.