Rusia » capitalist» : a monument dedicated to Comandante Fidel Castro is inaugurated in Moscow and many others have been unveiled these years to Josip Stalin. Bravo!

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canales, who is on an official visit to Russia, have attended the official inauguration ceremony of the monument to the leader of the Cuban revolution.

On November 22, the monument to Fidel Castro was inaugurated in Moscow in the square that has been named after him since 2017. 

Initially, the monument was scheduled to be inaugurated on August 13, Castro’s birthday, but the ceremony was finally postponed until November.

The bronze monument was created by sculptor Alexei Chebanenko and architect Andrei Beli at the initiative of the Russian Military-Historical Society with the support of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Moscow government.

Fidel’s sculpture is placed on a pedestal in the form of a rock with a chipped piece, the cut of which coincides with the outline of the map of Cuba. Fidel poses standing on a large stone with a cigarette in his hand. The architect Andrei Beli said in an interview that he wanted to reflect the greatness of his personality and his inner strength. “I have not put him in doubtful movement, but rigid, with his legs wide apart, as if he felt the gusts of the wind of change, all the hardships and difficulties that pass through him. Do you know that there were 638 attempts on Castro’s life?» said the architect, quoted by the  MoskvichMag newspaper .

Source: Russia Beyond

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