Since a century ago, Zionism and the western ruling classes, most of western intellectualism and academia engaged the world in the pretense that any position against Zionism is anti- Semitism as well, while in fact it is a cover to avoid any criticism against Zionism as a brutal, settler, racist ideology.

This pretense has increased in recent years by Zionism especially were BDS became more accepted by many progressive and humanitarian people all over the globe [1]. Cleaning Zionism became a top story in most of world media which is dominated by Zionism and western bourgeoisie. Cleaning the hands of Zionism is always connected and based on what is so-called the “Jewish Nations’ Right of Self -Determination”.

The sneaky and wicked deliberate connection of Zionism and anti-Semitism under the cover of “Jewish Nations’ Right of Self -Determination” is a very dangerous, racist and hostile to the Palestinians, Arabs and deceiving for the world public. It is devoted to uproot the world recent popular awakening that challenges Zionist lies about Palestine, because this Zionist argument is based on uncovered lies that stem from three main resources:

First: There is neither land nor homeland for the Jews in Palestine, but they came from nearly one hundred pieces of land in nearly one hundred countries as the homelands of each Jewish minority here and there, i.e. in the countries of their origins from Spain to Norway and other places. They were living there and some of them are still there. One of these small Jewish segments is the Palestinian Jews whom we call the al-yahud al-Wataniah “The Native Jews” in Palestine which has been occupied and settled by the Zionist Jews from all over the world who were supported, financed and protected till now by the western capitalist enemies who designed the creation of Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) to be its servant for ever as long as it, the ZAR, wants to stay in Palestine and is still alive. All what ZAR owned in Palestine until 1948 was merely 5.7 percent of the land of Palestine which they either bought or was owned by native Jews. It must be noted here that a lot of land was purchased through cheating, fraud or naivety of some Palestinians.

Second: According to the expansion of the consciousness of the world public opinion about the lies and myths of “Jewish nation”, “Promised Land”, the ZAR became in a critical position because any argument of self – determination is only applied on people, ethnicities, who share one land, homeland, and an issue which was applicable to the Jews.

All the arguments provided by Zionists, western politics, academia… etc on what is so-called “Jewish right of self – determination” are manufactured pretense to show that Palestine is the land of Jews and it is try to show that Palestinian resistance is an aggression against the Jews.

In fact, the continuous Palestinian resistance did, in fact, uproot another Zionist lie that Palestine is the safest place for Jews in the world.

Third: Self-determination is the right of nations, ethnicities and minorities in their homeland, a right which does not apply to the Jews of ZAR by any sense, because Jews are not a nation, and they did not own the land of Palestine, and most of them are not from the region.

But the most dangerous assistance to ZAR came from those Palestinians and Arabs who call for normalization and the recognition of ZAR on 1948-occupied Palestine.  This provides a dangerous support for those who created ZAR and justifies the denial of Arab Palestinian right in Palestine, a betrayal which shows, for those who are ill-informed, that our Palestinian people fights ZAR as if it is an entity on its’ own land!

I remember that in my speech in March 2003 to the students of Dr. Atef Kubruci at University of McMaster in Canada, a student asked me: Why do not Palestinian youth play football instead of throwing stones against Israelis? When the eviction of a people from their Homeland is dwarfed to this level, we must remember the Arabic and Palestinian media failure, on the one hand, and the hegemony of Zionist/imperialist, one on the other.

This means that our battle against those who normalize with and recognize ZAR requires concentration on popular human consciousness that our project and struggle aims at turning this struggle to stand on its’ feet after it was turned for a long time to stand on its’ head. By other token, our goal is to liberate all of Palestine, i.e. not to look for a tiny state in some parts of Palestine, such as the occupied West Bank and Gaza, taking into consideration that the gap is huge between liberation and begging for a tiny state.

But, it is important to confess that this is a difficult job especially because of the role of those who internalize the defeat either as regimes, political parties, or intellectuals of the “sixth intellectual brigade” who since the defeat of 1967-war had fallen into the recognition of ZAR despite the fact that it is an artificial state and not a normal one.

The internalization of defeat camp did in fact collude with the counter-revolution (CD) to confirm that any discussion of the Palestinian question must start after the year 1967, not from the eviction of Palestinian people in 1948.

Based on the above-mentioned points, all the arguments that insist on connecting anti-Semitism with Zionism are mere false pretenses aimed at camouflaging the truth.

For us as Arabs and Palestinians, anti-Semitism does not interest us, since we have no role, in both practical or discourse, of this western crime.

  • We were not partners in that “hell”.
  • We shouldn’t bear any part of Jewish burden of usury, broker, banks and lately hedge funds.
  • Even though we were never a part of Jewish infiltration, especially following the rise of Zionist movement, into many ruling regimes and dominating them, which provokes and angers masses in those countries.

See the attached video

  • And we never part of repression or massacres against Jews as the cases in most European countries especially the Nazi regime in Germany.

Anti-Semitism is a European crime, on the one hand and to a certain level of rich Jewish brokers. We, as Semites, the true ones in our Arab Homeland from Yemen to Mauritania, do not take into consideration the propaganda of anti-Semitism during our struggle against Zionism, because those who insist to mix those two (Zionism and anti-Semitism) aim at taking the conflict too far from its’ reality. It is because our struggle is against ZAR for the return to our Homeland. 

There is no credibility to any argument which denies the racism of Zionism as a movement, and later as a regime, which stole the land of others, evicted them and insists on having only for themselves an exclusive state of an artificial race, nation called Jews on the land that belong to others. In this context, there is no meaning, space or justification for the connection between anti-Semitism and Zionism at least in relation to our Palestinian question.

Why should we bear the hypocrisy of Europe which oppressed the Jews, and tries to clean its’ hands by committing another crime through creating Zionism and enabling it to occupy our Homeland and evict our people, and finally pretend that it is the main carrier of the mission of human rights and the “right” of self-determination of Jews in our Homeland.! The creator of two crimes will never be the liberator of humanity.

Any Arab or Palestinian who avoids challenging the Western crime against our people and pretends that there is a justification for a relation between anti-Semitism and Zionism is, in fact, standing in enemy’s camp. The de-linking of the artificial tie between anti-Semitism and Zionism is an imperative mission to de-construct the Euro-centricist /Anglo-Saxon domination over media, academia, culture and politics.

There is no chance to advance our right as a people, if we do not explain and reject any legality of ZAR in any part of Palestine. I mean that any discussion of the Arab-Zionist conflict must start from the beginning, from 1948 Nakba. This is the fact which we failed to explain and prove for the world public opinion.

This takes us to challenge those Zionists who are deceiving humanity like David Harris the director of American-Jewish Committee who stated last year that:

 “…To deny the Jewish people, of all the peoples on earth, the right to self-determination surely is discriminatory.”[2]

On this issue Peter Beinart noted:

“…All the peoples on earth? The Kurds don’t have their own state. Neither do the Basques, Catalans, Scots, Kashmiris, Tibetans, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Lombards, Igbo, Oromo, Uyghurs, Tamils and Québécois, nor dozens of other peoples who have created nationalist movements to seek self-determination but failed to achieve it”[3]

But, all of the mentioned minorities, ethnicities and peoples are different from the Jews. They are parts of peoples of certain countries and living on their own land, while the Jews never belonged to one country. They belong to nearly one hundred countries and nations as religious minorities. They are not Palestinians except for few thousands, as we noted above, native Palestinian Jews. Accordingly, Jews in ZAR are settlers in Palestine.

My argument here is to uncover that all those who argue for Jewish self -determination in Palestine are mere liars because they know more than others that the Jewish settlers did, in fact, occupy Palestine. Most of those pretenders are from regimes/countries which participated in Jewish colonization and occupation of Palestine.

But the ugliest and weakest argument is that of a Palestinian or an Arab who argues that:

First: the Jews have the same right of self-determination like us as Palestinians.

Second: The Palestinian people must recognize the false self-determination of Jews in Palestine.

Finally, any Palestinian, Arab or anyone who participates in the false argument which connects anti-Semitism with Zionism and attacks our rejection to the thesis which equalizes the critique of anti Zionism with anti-Semitism is, in fact, contradicting reality.

[1] In the last few days, the German parliament voted against BDS’s activity against Zionism. It seems that Nazi blood still runs in the body of German bourgeois and most of the political parties there.

[2] Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic by Peter BeinartThis article was originally published in the Forward)

 [3] (Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic  by Peter Beinart.This article was originally published in the Forward)

Source: Adel Samara , kanaanonline.