Workshop 1– We noticed rather quickly that one of the cultures often avoided in kids programs was the Arab culture. The more we started talking to other parents about this it became clear that there is a fear of anything Arab in Maltese parenting.

Arab Stereotypes Among Educators, Popular films and television imprint young children with numerous negative images of Arabs, and maltese educators do not do enough to correct this bias. Many do not even perceive anti Arab racism as a problem. They were naughty words. Fear is not something we want our son/daughter to associate with the World and its marvelous cultural differences. Fear buries curiosity and learning under a cloak of self-doubt….

Workshop 2- Salsa dance and Latino Guitar with Cesar !

castigando baldosa chicos con sabor!

Also for the first time, we bring kids Salsa Dance Class to Gzira! Ages 5 – 13 years.

Salsa dancing is very popular worldwide and kids can learn salsa dance by starting with the basic salsa step. Front to back and side to side basic salsa dance step. Not all Latin dance is appropriate for children for a variety of reasons.

So let them discover and be curious to grow as a free man !

Have a look to the link and join us!

taller salsa fotos feb marz2015

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