In the Memory of September 11, 1973- FILM DISCUSSION » CHICAGO BOYS»- Alba Malta north Africa

In the Memory of September 11, 1973-



Friday 21st September 2018 at 6:45 pm, we have screened a documentary in Valletta , thanks to the Communist Party of Malta ( Comrade Degiovanni)  who offers the location ,  with the aim of reflecting on neoliberalism, its origins and current events.
» Chicago Boys» is a Chilean audio-visual production by the filmmakers Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdeavellano released in 2015, which tells how this ideology was introduced in Latin America in the 50’ and then in the whole world.The story of a group of Milton Friedman’s disciples that, backed by a ferocious military dictatorship, turned Chile into the first and most extreme capitalist country in the world.

We had an audience of 15 people most Belgians, Maltese and Italians ( young workers, trade unionists principally). We regret not to have one south American attending the documentary. That is to prove the lack of politicization and indifference  of migrants in Malta.  But we had the pleasure to have   professor P. Mayo and the former Maltese ambassador to Libya among Us, who  contributed to enrich the discussion with their analysis and experiences.

It was  a very interesting discussion, and we end by talking about  Venezuela and Syria . We think that the main problem is disinformation– And we have to tackle that by all means to create support against the imperialist NATO intrusion both in Venezuela and Syria .

An example was that for most of the young persons in the room, President Maduro was described as » a clown» and guilty of violating » human rights».

In spite of more than 45 years of the Chilean fascist coup, is dramatic to see how we set back on anti imperialism. The same scenario ( copy and paste)  of aggression is occurring to Bolivarian Venezuela but it seems that we didn’t learn the lesson. How come ? We strongly think that  is mainly because  western leftist parties have resigned in the battle against  imperialism allying with NATO crimes.

We thank the persons who came either for curiosity or for solidarity

We as Chilean we will never forget and never forgive.

Here our Introduction: