Tunisian , revolutionary, what did you know and what do you know on Libya?

By The Pacifists of Tunis

Muammar Al-Gaddafi («Gaddafi») transformed Libya following a real revolution, not a mere «revolt of dignity (» Karama «)» as in Tunisia or Egypt. The poorest country in the world, became the most prosperous countries in Africa, even more than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia. The first evidence that the Libyan people lived well is that its citizens have never, contrary to Tunisians or Egyptians emigrated to the «north» in search of work, food, education and housing. Other evidence, censored by totalitarian imperialist media machine whose most visible expression is Al-Jazeera (funded by the dictatorship of the reactionary monarchy of Qatar), here’s the source 1 and source 2:

  1. There is no electricity bill in the Libyan Jamahiriya ; electricity is completely free for all its citizens;
    2. Owning a home is considered a human right in in the Libyan Jamahiriya ;
    3. All new married couples receive 60,000 dinars (= 65,000 TUNISIAN DINARS) in the Libyan Jamahiriya to buy their first apartment (150 square meters);
    4. A mother who gives birth to a child receives US $ 5,000.
    5. The price of a liter of gasoline was 0.08 Euros;
    6. If a student graduated and he is unable to find work after graduation, the state pays him the average salary of the profession as if he or she was already employed (e) while waiting to find a job;
    7. In case of unemployment (exceptional), the allowance was € 528
    8. Each Libyan family routinely receives aid of 300 euros monthly;
    9. The domestic water is free in the Libyan Jamahiriya;
    10. If a LIBYAN citizens wanted to practice agriculture, they receive arable land, a house, equipment (machines), seeds and livestock for starting, all free of charge;
    11. Education and health care was free. If the citizens of Libyan Jamahiriya can not find in their country medical care or the provision of education they need, the government gives them adequate compensation to get it abroad. Not only the costs are fully supported, but they also receive 1315 Euros per month for accommodation and renting a car. The salary of a nurse was 705 € ;
    12. Before the 1969 revolution, only 25% of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83%;
  2. Eachstudentwishing topursuestudies abroad, the government allocatesa grant ofEuros1627.11per month and higher educationis freeabroad. That isto saythat the charges arefully supportedby the state;
    14. A quarter of the citizens of Libyan Jamahiriya holds a university degree;
    15. When a citizen of the Libyan Jamahiriya buys a car, the state takes advance 50% of total cost of the vehicle;
    16. Bank loans are granted to ZERO rate (0%). Banks in the Libyan Jamahiriya are properties of the State, ie they belong to the people and not to private companies;
    17. A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of every citizen of the Libyan Jamahiriya.
  3. The cost of living in Libya was 100 times lower than France because the state subsidizes all products. 40 loaves cost US $ 0.15
    19. Muammar Gaddafi has made the largest irrigation project in the world, known as the «Great Man-Made River Project» to make water pure and clean, readily available through the desert and across the country;
    20. In the Great Libyan Jamahiriya, there was no tax payable and VAT did not exist;
    21. The Libyan Jamahiriya had no external debt and its reserves, amounting to $ 150 billion, are now frozen in the world. Libyan Jamahiriya did not owe money to anyone. France, by contrast, has more than 233 billion of public debt in January 2011 or 80% of GDP, the USA 88% and Japan 8%. These deficits are rising, plunging all the countries in a situation of latent economic crisis since 2008;
    22. There were places called «Jamaiya» that sells half-price food products, for any large family on presentation of the family record book;
    23. Any pensioner systematically received an aid of 200 euros per month;
  4. At ageographicalchange,any employee of thePublic Serviceof Statereceiveda car anda house,withouthaving topayanything. Subsequently,theseassets remainhis propertyand continueto belong to it;
    25. Any Libyan citizen, wishing to refurbish his house, had to register at a state agency that are totally paid by the State.

How such unprecedented social miracle was possible?
For a peaceful revolution, Al Fateh in 1969 that Gaddafi was the Guide. They established a single regime in the world: the «Jamahiriya» (as opposed to the «Joumhour-iya» / republic government of a human block) in which they are the masses («Jamahir») which govern for them and by themselves. It is a system of direct democracy, of popular self-management, in which political parties (known to be always subservient to personal interests, financial, corporatist or foreign powers) are now unnecessary. In Libya, the parties are replaced by «popular committees» and «popular lectures» at all levels of society (vertically and transversely). Citizens had to discuss equality in all aspects of daily life and the debates and proposed solutions are widely broadcasted through the media, including television.

Gaddafi has not only developed a theory on this social system (he is the author of the Green Book, a work in volumes III) but also put its original ideas into practice while still remaining open to criticism arising the changing world. The Libyan revolution 46 years ago, unlike the case of Tunisia, has meant a radical change of the old structures of social, economic, political and cultural oppression,. The Examples included:
– The redistribution of national wealth (oil, etc.) for all citizens;
– the State Guarantee an adequate job, a comfortable and decent housing and wage for every citizen;
– End of the reactionary Idriss monarchy
– Closure of foreign military bases;
– Very important participation of women in all levels of power, including the army;

– Active Direct democracy through popular committees and conferences, etc .;
– Internationalism, especially pan-African (African Union, African banks create for Africa …), and pan-Arab (support for the Palestinians including the project named «Isratine» of a democratic state for all, not a dualistic imperialist system : «Two peoples, two states» continued solidarity with the progressive states of the world such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador;
– Etc.
A central question is:
Why Gaddafi was , after Lenin, the most hated man in the world (capitalist)?

Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron were actually frightened by the events in Tunisia immediately followed by those of Egypt and this, especially since the Libyan Jamahiriya represented, by its very nature, a harmonious bridge between two potential revolutions. The idea was then hit in the middle. Also, the imperialists conceived, in violation of any international law, the ploy to create a pseudo-revolt in eastern Libya and then to exaggerate the size (as they are doing it now in Syria) through the dissemination of mega-media-lies. The latter, particularly hammered by AL-Jazeera and the BBC, were even larger than those of the time against Iraq and Afghanistan: «Gaddafi is bombarding his people»; «Gaddafi is about to commit a massacre in Benghazi»; «Gaddafi is a mad dictator»; «» The ‘international community’can not stand by «; etc.

Their function was to justify NATO intervention (NATO) and overthrow the legitimate power. It turned out that the «ferocious repression» of «events» in question, even according to the organizations from the imperialist camp as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, presented less victims than in Tunisia … Al-Jazeera stated , without any evidence, that «Gaddafi was bombing his people» …. while none of the 135 satellites observing the city did not notice anything abnormal (confirmed by the Russian military satellites).

But no matter, the psychological war machine was launched and NATO allowed to drop some 30,000 bombs during seven months. The «balance sheet» is the measure of this persecution: nearly 100,000 victims. The next step was to quickly install a puppet regime in order to erase this episode.We will speak speak now everywhere about  «reconstruction»and»democracy.»Thiscounter-revolution succeededwith the complicity, sometimes tacitlyand sometimesopenly ,of theTunisian and Egyptiangovernments.

What happened to the 25 billion euros promised in May by Sarkozy / the «G8» to the Tunisian President Caid Sebsi? This sum was not intended to keep the Tunisian people in total ignorance of what was really happening in Libya and to prevent it from expressing its rejection of thewar (as in 2003 about the case of Iraq)?

The imperialists wanted to eliminate Gaddafi and his social system because it was an alternative model to theirs, which is experiencing a seemingly intractable crisis. In fact, the first symptom of this crisis (which is primarily the dictatorship of political «democratic», parties totally depended on money anywhere in the world) is the proliferation of wars and conflicts of all kinds.

What the Africans think: «Muammar Gaddafi was an outstanding personality, a revolutionary patriot of his homeland, under which Libya had become the most prosperous countries, Africa, under which every Libyan citizen, thanks to 40 years of Gaddafi government, had the right to education and free medical protection, disinterested grant $ 50 000 young families, housing, a monthly allowance of $ 730 for each unemployed person, and many other benefits «(source).

What the Russians think: «Muammar Gaddafi has been and will remain in the eyes of honest people of the world a patriot of his country, a hero, fearless and honest, who did not hide and did not run away of his country to save his skin. Muammar Gaddafi will forever remain in the history of the struggle for freedom and independence of African countries, as an outstanding politician and statesman that started the socialist transformation in Libya who dared oppose openly to the dictatorship of the United States of America. He has already entered in history as a warrior hero and faithful son of his people healways loved and to which he always remained faithful»(source).

The Libyan revolution, unique in the world, was consolidated for 42 years. It is his humanism and his real popular base which alone can explain that the Libyan people could withstand seven months of intensive bombing by 40 States using The murderous NATO. This (despite the Libyans themselves) is the first time in history of mankind and its countless wars. No «dictatorship» in the world could have resisted, only one month at a total blockade (economic, media) and continuous bombardment of such magnitude.

And what to say of a small peaceful country in Africa submitted to a psychological and media war propaganda (lie of «bombing civilians»; lie of «6000 victims» of Benghazi, the «rape»; the Lockerbie plane, etc.) delivered by AL-Jazeera, the media of the «Western» world and the vast majority of the «intellectual elite», including, for the dishonor of Tunisia, those in this country ? Gaddafi is an exceptional colonel who fought a disproportionately war imposed on his people. He lives in a simple apartment in the extent of its responsibilities although he always preferred the Bedouin tent. He has no personal fortune.

Amnesty International closed the online vote prematurely   to cover the winner of the elections of the Human right Hero that the citizen have choosen …

Source: http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629835

Gaddafi to be stripped of Malta honours. By Christian Peregin, 28 oct 2011



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