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Summary And Videos of The Exceptional Libyan Debate held in Malta – 9/10/2015

Dear friends, comrades,

Following the debate held on the topic of “What’s happening in Libya And Why is it important-Libya from Africa richest state under Gaddafi to a failed state after-NATO Aggression”

All speakers (4) were present and the debate opened in the Council Room at the General Workers Union in Valletta Capital , with an audience of over 85 people , a dozen members of ALBA Malta North Africa Coordination and TV One News at 18.30 hrs, Friday, October 9, 2015.

The presentation of the whole debate was conducted by the Maltese journalist Ramona Wadi.

On the Libyan issue the first speaker Dr. Mohamed Hassan, presented in a clear , instructive, very rich and vivid way, the historical and geopolitical context of the destruction of a sovereign and independent African-Arab state. He placed the NATO aggression in context with the emphasis on inter-imperialist contradictions, the general capitalist crisis in Europe and the USA, the emergence of the new Asian economic power (China, India, Korea,) , the BRICS, SHANGAI TREATY and Latin America ALBA.

He emphasised that in order to dominate your competitors both economically and militarily, to reverse the balance of power they had to develop a strategy, which included;

1- Somalisation and the provocation of a counter-revolution in the name of “democracy.”

2-Implement a “strategy of  chaos” in the African continent and proceed with  recolonization .

“If you can not dominate a country, destroyed it”

To conclude,  he revealed how the strategy of chaos, created by imperialist powers (USA / EU), led to the  domination of Africa and the Arab homeland.  (This process is described in detail in his writings;  “The Strategy of Chaos“, “Jihad Made in USA” and  Somalia: How Colonial Powers Drove A Country Into Chaos, written in collaboration with Michel Collon.

Dr. Hassan called for unity of the resistance and invited Libyan activists and the Libyan Popular National Movement to expose what is happening in Libya,  everywhere in Europe, particularly during this unique and critical historical period. He extended an invitation for them to give a presentation in Belgium.

We, the Alba Malta North Africa Coordination, strongly support this initiative.

A  vigorous debate followed which was exceptional for Malta, where there is repression of this subject by media, all political forces and intellectual clerics.

The second speaker, the Director of the Jesuit Centre for Refugees, Dr. Katrine Camilleri, gave us statistical material about the situation of refugees, since the mainstream media practice “selective humanitarianism”,  guiding which victims, refugees and countries they feature.

Our third speaker, the secretary of Communist Party of Malta, Victor de Giovanni ,  provided an historical overview of the relationship between Libya and Malta and regretted that the PKM and other left forces do not object more strongly to the war against Libya, reminding us of the Maltese complicity in the destruction of a sovereign and independent country. (Libya helped Malta during its financial crisis and in numerous other ways.)

This lively topic on Libya and its destruction as a Nation opened up a polemic that has enabled us to deepen the subject thanks to the representative of the Libyan People’s National Movement who have spoken to the Maltese public for the first time on the fight of this movement against Islamist terrorism in Libya and outside Libya.

Dr. Mohamed Hassan was able to respond to sensitive issues and link the murder of a nation by  imperialist powers with that of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan  and Afghanistan.

We extend our thanks to the friendly Libyan public who were able to speak for the first time, the attentive Maltese audience, students of the University of Malta on “conflict resolution”, all our staff, The Tricontinental Platform, We the People from Tunisia, the speakers who were present, and all other participants that have accepted our invitation.

Thanks also Investig’Action who provided us the following books:




We thank the Jesuit Refugee Service who provided us with the document, Libya Beyond Imagination: Assylum Seekers Testify to Life in Libya“.

Our deep salute and brotherhood go specially to Dr Mohamed Hassan and its excellent revealing presentation. He enhances our comprehension of the current situation.

Long live to the internationalist solidarity and Anti imperialist struggle.

Por la soberanía socialista de los pueblos.

We invite you to forward this message and to multiply the initiative to support the national liberation of Libya.





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