Libya Debate_ Interview with Dr Lamushi of the Libyan National Assembly,Tunis, 2016

Following the debate on Libya organized by our coordination Alba Malta North Africa Coordination | Gnien Tal Gherf Association in Malta October 9, 2015, we had the honor to meet with Dr. Lamushi, the current media spokesman for the Libyan National Assembly. We conducted our brief interview in Tunis in early January, 2016.

This new resistance front of occupied Libya, fight against the invaders by reorganizing and bringing together young and active forces of the nation within the country. They have thousands of members today.

Dr. Lamushi calls on all countries including Algeria, Niger, Sudan, Chad, Tunisia and Egypt to stand beside the liberation struggle of occupied Libya, especially now when NATO prepares a second invasion under the pretext of fighting da’esh.

We, Alba Malta N.A Coordination,  bring our total solidarity and support to the anti imperialist struggle of the heroic Libyan people.