President of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals: peace through dialogue, mutual respect and partnership

Prevailing narrative today is dominated by attitudes of confrontations, divisions, lining up
democracies versus autocracies, escalation, winning the war over Russia by all means.
The Balkans – long neglected by EU and the West, destabilized and badly damaged by 1999
NATO aggression, now faced with pressures from the same factors to abandon good relations
and partnership with Russia and China.
Serbia remains open for win-win cooperation, military neutral, does not wish to join NATO
(86% against), nor illegal sanctions against Russia. From the own recent history Serbia is quite aware that sanctions have effects as the armament for massive destruction. EU sanctions against Russia seems to be getting more and more counterproductive.
1999 NATO illegal aggression on the side of separatism in Kosovo and Metohija, violation of
UN Charter and Helsinki (1975) Final Document remain tragic precedents. NATO brought back the war to European soil. The problem of the status of Kosovo and Metohija can be resolved on the basis of UN SC resolution 1244, only.

Welcome to Germany, our Rising Imperialist Enemy-Many Communists and Leftists are Real Boys of NATO

The leftist Rosa Luxembourg German NGO, plays the role of cultural financial invasion, especially in the occupied territories, Lebanon and Jordan. Its’ main office for Arab Mashreq is based in Tel Aviv, the major city in the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity.
They states that : The Europeans left today. After the writer blames and criticizes the various left currents for not having sufficiently understood the danger of Russia in the past, he concludes that “NATO” today has become an “anti-imperialist defensive alliance. What a perverse mind to show NATO as a revolutionary organization!
The German Rosa Luxemburg NGO is one of the international NGOs that encourages normalization between Palestinian NGOs and those of the Zionist entity. I myself wrote criticizing the Palestinian NGOs as normalizers of Zionists. I believe that revealing facts to people is the most beautiful act in an ugly time.

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine: communist boys of NATO are building the “Wailing Wall” in defence of Ukrainian Fascism!

Tens of Communist parties and youths signed a declaration that equalizes the Triad and Russia as both are imperialism and aggression, while Russia was never an imperial regime especially according to Lenin’s definition of imperialism which proves that those Communists are on the side of the imperialist triad. The renegades are in fact using, but not calling Lenin’s theory.
Their arguments that Russia is imperialist goes back to the “Communists internal cold war between USSR, China, and the CIA permanent tool, the Trotskyites”.
Those Communists, including many Arab Communists parties, never protested against imperialism’s wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Those Arab Communists still feel inferior to other world Communists.
We, in the Arab Homeland, knew very well and with bitterness how much of world Communism compromised the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity which occupied  Palestine and evicted its people in 1948.
If Russia waits to be attacked and might lose the war, it will be colonized by the West which will continue its war against China motivated by the imperialist lust for wealth of all world nations.


The strategic plan of the United States against Russia was drawn up three years ago by the Rand Corporation. It was planned from 2019 as evidenced by the plan of the Rand Corporation presented to the House of Representatives on September 5, 2019. 
Above all, the plan stipulates, Russia must be attacked on its most vulnerable flank, that of its economy, which is highly dependent on the export of gas and oil: to this end, trade and financial sanctions will be used and, at the same time, make sure that Europe reduces the import of Russian gas, replacing it with liquefied natural gas from the United States.
 Russia reacted with the military operation which destroyed in Ukraine more than 2,000 military structures built and controlled in reality not by the rulers of kyiv but by the commands of the USA and NATO.

Vaccination: Most Deceptive Tool of Imperialism By Dr. Romeo F. Quijano

The real underlying cause of deaths in epidemics is the dysfunctional health care system brought about by chronic socio-economic underdevelopment characteristic of a semi-feudal and semi-colonial society victimized by imperialism, not the loss of vaccine confidence due to the “Dengvaxia scare”. Corporate hijacking of the health care system with the complicity of government, international institutions, mainstream medicine and various cohorts deprived the people of their right to health. Profit has become the primary driving factor in addressing a public health problem, not public welfare. Deregulation, privatization and liberalization, the hallmarks of corporate globalization, the new face of imperialism, have practically wiped-out whatever remaining affordable basic needs and social services, especially health services, are available to the majority of the population. Worse, under the guise of economic development, big business juggernaut in mining, plantations, coal, dams and other environmentally destructive and socially disruptive mega-projects have devastated community-empowering and truly sustainable, poverty alleviating, health promoting and climate resilient initiatives. The concomitant and worsening assaults (including extrajudicial killings) on fundamental human rights have subjected marginalized people to extreme physical, biological, psychological and social stress and have repeatedly been forced to be displaced from their land, homes, crops and other means of survival. Under these circumstances, infectious disease epidemics and other serious health problems are bound to arise and worsen. The root cause of epidemics in this country is imperialism. Liberation is the answer, not vaccination.


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