The magazine «the economist» dispels «Russian economic collapse» narrative.

Contrary to what the West hoped for in its economic war against Russia, its economy has not collapsed despite the fierce sanctions and war propaganda.
There are still some Western mainstream media decent enough to let occasional slivers of truth out through all the mindless Russophobic clutter. In its May 7th release, the Economist, a somewhat still reputable London-based publication, stated that “Russia’s economy is back on its feet”. There are internal and external factors that allows Russia to resist the economic war….( more on the link below)

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine: communist boys of NATO are building the “Wailing Wall” in defence of Ukrainian Fascism!

Tens of Communist parties and youths signed a declaration that equalizes the Triad and Russia as both are imperialism and aggression, while Russia was never an imperial regime especially according to Lenin’s definition of imperialism which proves that those Communists are on the side of the imperialist triad. The renegades are in fact using, but not calling Lenin’s theory.
Their arguments that Russia is imperialist goes back to the “Communists internal cold war between USSR, China, and the CIA permanent tool, the Trotskyites”.
Those Communists, including many Arab Communists parties, never protested against imperialism’s wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Those Arab Communists still feel inferior to other world Communists.
We, in the Arab Homeland, knew very well and with bitterness how much of world Communism compromised the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity which occupied  Palestine and evicted its people in 1948.
If Russia waits to be attacked and might lose the war, it will be colonized by the West which will continue its war against China motivated by the imperialist lust for wealth of all world nations.


The strategic plan of the United States against Russia was drawn up three years ago by the Rand Corporation. It was planned from 2019 as evidenced by the plan of the Rand Corporation presented to the House of Representatives on September 5, 2019. 
Above all, the plan stipulates, Russia must be attacked on its most vulnerable flank, that of its economy, which is highly dependent on the export of gas and oil: to this end, trade and financial sanctions will be used and, at the same time, make sure that Europe reduces the import of Russian gas, replacing it with liquefied natural gas from the United States.
 Russia reacted with the military operation which destroyed in Ukraine more than 2,000 military structures built and controlled in reality not by the rulers of kyiv but by the commands of the USA and NATO.


It has been 8 years since Ukrainian fascism, supported and financed by the US and the EU, staged a coup in Kiev after the Maidan events.
The Ukrainian army has killed 15,000 civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
the Kiev regime has never shown interest in stopping the war on the population of Donbass.
As the Kiev Junta itself has stated, they do not need the population of Donbass, only their territories….but For Mainstream medias the people of Donbass do not exist.
The official recognition of the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk by the Russian Federation, although late, was already an urgent need to guarantee the security of the population. Mainly thank to the proposal of the Communist Party it has been accepted.
We call on all communists, anti-fascists and internationalists in general, to support the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

Le Parti communiste de la Fédération de Russie contre la vaccination obligatoire et de masse

 Sergueï  Oboukhov: «Le droit de se porter volontaire pour une intervention médicale est inscrit avec le sang victorieux de nos grands-pères et du Code de Nuremberg.»

Selon la dernière enquête « récente » de l’ICRC, seuls 10% des Russes sont effrayés par la possibilité d’être infectés par un covid (en mai – 7%). Alors que la hausse des prix effraie aujourd’hui plus de 40% des citoyens. C’est ce qui éclipse aujourd’hui toutes les peurs du covid, à la fois réelles et supposées.
Les deux tiers des citoyens sont contre la vaccination obligatoire. Et le Parti communiste de la Fédération de Russie défendra résolument la position de la majorité , y compris l’abolition de l’arnaque sous couvert de » médecine d’assurance «et la restauration du système soviétique de l’académicien Semashko – un système universel gratuit et de haute qualité.»

Venezuela: the latin American Libya and American neo-imperialism

Nine months took to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), led by the United States, to destroy the Libyan society. … Más