The book of the month: Socialism with chinese Characteristics- Marketisation of the chinese economy – By Harpal Brar

Marxist science stats clearly that commodity production and circulation , the existence of the market, is incompatible with communism and therefore is to the function of socialism to abolish the market. Revisionists, on the other hand following bourgeois economy , believe in market socialism, asserting that remaining commodity- money relations under socialism are not merely a heritage of capitalism, but an inherent need of the socialist economy, which requires the continuation and even the expansion of the market .

Allende’s Chile: 50 years on – mourning and celebrating by Francisco Dominguez

This 4th September marks 50 years since the electoral victory of Salvador Allende in Chile, an event that sent shock waves through the regionally dominated system of US hegemony – bringing panic to the White House. Five decades on, the reverberations of its appeal still resonate very strongly, both in Chile and internationally.