The world has never produced as much wealth as today. In case of equal distribution of wealth, the average family (globally, two adults and three children) could have an income of $ 2,850 per month. It’s surprisingly a lot. With This amount you would probably not live in luxury however it is more than enough to provide all the inhabitants of this planet sanitation, electricity, drinking water and a comfortable home, even if it were to according to environmentally sustainable methods. In other words, there is enough wealth for all, yet a human in three does not have the most basic health, one in four has no electricity, one in seven lives in a slum, one in eight are hungry and nine does not have drinking water . This is because wealth is distributed in a very INEQUALITY way. With the wealth produced today, each person would have an average income of $ 19 per day. In fact, one person in six has less than $ 1.25 per day.