The European Network of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution expresses its support to the Venezuelan people and to the constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro Moros as legitimate president, democratically elected last May 20 2018, with 67.80% of the valid votes. Electoral process that counted on the participation of opposition candidates, and with an electorate that exceeded the 9 million. Accordingly, it agrees:

1. To make a call to defend the peace of Venezuela.

2. To defend the democratic institutionality in Venezuela that expressed its sovereign decision on May 20, 2018, in a free, transparent presidential election accompanied by international observers.

3. To recognize the exercise and legitimacy of all the public authorities with strict adherence to the laws and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic, in the exercise of the participative democracy and leading of the Venezuelan people.

4. To express our solidarity firmly to the Venezuelan people in defending their sovereignty and their right to resolve their internal affairs in peace and in exercising their right to self-determination.

5. Categorically reject foreign interference in the internal affairs of the nation, and in particular the statements of incitement to violence in the country by the United States of America, the group of Lima and the OAS in the person of its Secretary-General Luís Almagro.

6. Categorically reject any attempt at coup d’état in the country imposing by force or coercion figures of alleged authority that are not derived from the popular vote as the self-proclaimed John Guaidó.

7. To require the United States of America, the European Union, the Swiss Confederation and Canada, respect for international law and the immediate lifting of illegal economic sanctions and which dramatically affect the Venezuelan people.

8. To demand to the United Kingdom the return to Venezuela of the reserves of 14 tonnes of gold still withheld without justification in the Bank of England, to demand to Belgium the return of US $1650 million retained in Euroclear, and to demand to the United States the return of the Goods and money from Venezuelan Citgo.

9. We alert the international community to the intention of the United States government to instrumentalize humanitarian law by manipulating humanitarian aid to justify military intervention in Venezuela.

10. We support the proposal of the governments of Uruguay, Mexico, the Caricom countries and the Vatican to promote a process of dialogue to resolve the differences between the different political forces of Venezuela.

11. We denounce the complicit silence of the great international mass media and the media war unleashed against the national sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The people who subscribe,

1. Adrian Villegas
2. Alberto Gutierrez
3. Alberto Zerda
4. Alonso Gaona
5. Amina Griggio
6. Ancizar Morales
7. Andre Veraart
8. Angela Galindez
9. Anibal Yepez
10. Arnulfo Gomez
11. Belgica Caguana
12. Carl Thebo
13. Carolina Graterol
14. Clara Campos
15. David Raby
16. David Wiltshire
17. Don Hoskins
18. Flavio Bendezu
19. George Shaw
20. Giovanna Quintero
21. Guillermo Marin
22. Hasan Donwell
23. Hayin-Ray Antileo
24. Herman Gutierrez
25. Iñaqui Gonzalo Casal
26. Jack Fonseca Burtt
27. Jocelyne Bastiste
28. Josefina Azocar
29. Julian Jones
30. Kaldo Saenz
31. Katerine Anais
32. Laura Villegas
33. Luis Alberto Baron
34. Luis Herna
35. Luisa Antonia Raby
36. Marie Lyan
37. Marta Bendezu
38. Melba Suniga
39. Mirian Amancay Colque
40. Mustafa Tours
41. Nara Ribeiro Filippo
42. Nayra Bello O’Shenahan
43. Nestor Marin
44. Oscar Guardiola
45. Patricia Quintero
46. Paul Bullul
47. Philippe Hennebert
48. Ral Lopez
49. Ringo Guzman
50. Silvia Souza
51. Sinia Benigassan
52. Sonia Roldan
53. Teresa Acuna
54. Teresa Perez
55. Theo Russell
56. Victor Ramirez
57. William Mora

Y las organizaciones asistentes,
1. ALBA Malta North Africa Coord.
2. Alianza Pais-Ecuador
3. Amor Guatemala
4. Asociación ARLAC
5. Colectivo En Amigos, Paris
6. Colectivo AJI
7. Colombia Humana
8. Congreso de los Pueblos
9. Coordinadora de Defensa de Paises Latinoamericanos
11. EPSR
12. Free Assange
14. Green Party
15. Grupo Suma Qmaña
16. Hands Off Venezuela
17. LAB
18. Labour Counsellor
19. Labour Party member
20. Lula Livre – UK
21. MERU
22. Revolutionary Communist Group
24. The New Communist Party
25. Venesol
26. VSC

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