The barbaric Western sanctions combined with heating, fuel, and electricity shortages are causing absolute devastation in Syria’s quake-hit cities, says


.The lack of heating, fuel and electricity is undoubtedly due the the USA’s ongoing theft of Syrian oil. They are nothing but thieves who start wars in order to steal the resources of the countries they terrorise

Lebanon calls on all countries worldwide to use #Beirut airport and/or harbour to support the population of #Syria facing the earthquake if they fear the #US and #the #EU sanctions when using #Damascus airport. What other excuses can the west have now?

Where is justice?! Turkey receives aid from 45 countries, although it finances war&destruction in many places! Syria is not allowed even to receive bank transfers from Syrians abroad…


The Head of the Czechoslovakian Institute of International Relations, Jaromir Schlapata, called on the international community to unite and remove the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria as soon as possible and to provide the necessary aid in response to the devastating earthquake with no politicization.

Moreover, Schlapata strongly condemned the inaction by the International Community and international organizations, namely the humanitarian to fulfill its legal, moral and humanitarian duty towards the Syrian people having been hit by the earthquake.

Schlapata conveyed his heartfelt condolences to Syria’s leadership and people over the victims of the earthquake.

“Syria has been at the forefront to offer aid to countries and peoples in crises without politicization, opening its borders and providing shelter, food and medication free of charge,” Schlapata stated.

On the other hand, Schlapata added that the unjust unilateral coercive measures and the illegitimate Western embargo against Syria are the major obstruction on the scope of the work to address the earthquake’s consequences.

Hence, Schlapata affirmed his confidence in the Syrian people to overcome this catastrophe.

Source :, Kinda ALMahmoud/Mazen Eyon